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There are more than 100 million blogs in the world, but there’s no one home at most of them. According to the numbers I’ve seen, most blogs are abandoned in the first month. If there is such as thing as the “average blog,” it has the life expectancy of a relationship that began in the “Casual Encounters” section of Craigslist.

But Run-DMSteve is still standing, one year and 47 posts later! In my next post I’ll tell you how and why I launched this publishing juggernaut and what I’ve learned. I’ll also give you the lowdown on my Loyal Readers. Until then, here’s the first year in one handy place. I’ll eventually move it over to the Blogroll column.

Thanks always for reading. Keep on rockin’ in the free world!


ABBA (’70s Week)

AC/DC (’70s Week)


A Flock of Seagulls (’80s Week)

America (’70s Week)

The B-52s

Bananarama (’80s Week)

The Baronics vs. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Pachelbel, and Vivaldi

The Beatles

Cat Power


Dire Straits and their MTV contemporaries


Gang of Four (’80s Week)

Godsmack, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Godfathers

The Grateful Dead and The Moody Blues

Hüsker Dü

Ke$ha and Bruno Mars

Kool & The Gang

Lady Gaga (my debut)

Pink Floyd

Queen (’70s Week)

Red Fang

The Rolling Stones


Screaming Trees

Simple Minds

Superheavy and Eels

Talking Heads

Tommy Tutone (’80s Week)

Translator (’80s Week)




Disco (’70s Week)

Dues songs





1st Annual Run-DMSteve Music and Sex Survey



Favorite songs of the ’70s (’70s Week)

Golden Oldies

Handel’s Messiah

Ladies of the ’80s (’80s Week)

My dogs explained by album titles

New Year’s Eve

Tough love for a Loyal Reader

Tribute to my father-in-law, Capt. Frederick K. Dezendorf