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A kite on a broken string

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Miscellaneous
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My friend Jack Palmer died yesterday. He was 84. Jack was my oldest friend and my oldest friend. Thirty years ago, when I was an aspiring science-fiction writer and Jack was younger than I am now, he introduced me to the joy of playing in the mail with our art. We made envelopes and postcards into our canvases, though some of Jack’s global mail-art friends could make art out of seaweed, toast, or the wooden arms of chairs and still manage to mail it. Jack was a real artist, I was a fraud, and we had a fantastic time.

I am not here to write his tribute or obituary. I’ll do that elsewhere. But I have to write something or I’ll just keep crying. The music Jack liked best was opera, so that will be my topic this weekend. Unfortunately for my readers – all three of them – I hate opera. Jack, if there is an afterlife, I know you’ll find a way to flame me for this post.

See you all on Sunday. And when the weather permits, go fly a kite. That’s what Jack would’ve done.