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If you were hiring for your company and the leading applicant was accused by several women of sexual assault, and had been rumored to engage in demolition drinking, and who, when questioned about these matters, threw a tantrum, and even if all these charges could not be corroborated and were in fact decades old, would you hire him?

Would you give a job that will probably last 30 years to a man who yelled at half your interview team?

Of course not. You’d drop him in a second and interview the next guy. Why hire anyone with baggage like that when you could start again with a clean slate?

Is there even one employer in the USA who would hire Bret Kavanaugh? Just one, it turns out – the Trump Organization.

Leo Durocher did not say “Nice guys finish last” – it was Herman Melville – but whoever said it might’ve been right. We should all have been jerks when we had the chance!