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Posted: June 5, 2016 in Dog reviews
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In January we voluntarily returned Xena, Warrior Puppy to her breeder. She was five or six months old and exceptionally reactive to noise and movement. Our urban environment pushed her and us to the brink.

Now we have a new puppy, our lucky dog Lucky, but of course we wonder what’s happening with Xena. This week we found out. The breeder broke Xena of her overwhelming urge to chase moving vehicles, but apparently this still wasn’t a dog you could give to a couple who just want a pet to hang with. The breeder found a compromise: Xena is now working under the direction of two cattle dogs, herding livestock on a ranch in Eastern Oregon!

Corgis are the smallest herders. (When we got our first corgi, I tried running with her, but she kept trying to herd me into the nearest barn.) This is excellent news. When I heard this, I felt something unclench inside.

Xena’s duties include traffic control, large mammal management, and corral administration. Other projects as assigned. She’s probably been given a new name, which I hope is something like Red Sonja or Rodeo Queen. She has a home, a pack, and a purpose.

Best of luck in your new job, little Xena!

Hard day's night
It’s been a hard day’s night.

And here’s Lucky’s reaction when I gave him the news about his predecessor:

Graduation gift 042216

  1. Ofelia says:

    Good news about Xena! What a great professional breeder to find the right solution to a difficult problem in favor of the sweet pup. In the meantime Madelyn and Olive are here and Foo would love to herd them but they have chicken attitude. A little skirting around.,Some compromising. Foo has made it clear she owns the garden. Gardens R Us. Chicken Coops R You.

  2. Wm Seabrook says:

    Exceptionally reactive to noise? Poor Xena! Too much Odessey and Oracle/Nancy & Lee I bet!

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