Write-a-thon, Day 39: Two days to go!

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Writing

After holding a job for the third consecutive day and continuing the Write-a-thon after I got home – I’ve got nothing. So I’m going to do something easy: Call for help!

Loyal Reader Verlierer got me started on reviewing bands with a number in their names. The following list comes mostly from Mr. V and Accused of Lurking. I only thought of a few. (How did I overlook U2??) My question for the rest of you: Can you think of any bands we’ve missed? Bands are named in ascending numerical order.

I’ve written about these:
One Direction
2 Live Crew
3 Doors Down
Three Dog Night
Bobby Fuller Four
Dave Clark Five

These are still to come:
.38 Special
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
Classics IV
4 Non Blondes
The Four Tops
The 5th Dimension
The Jackson 5
Maroon 5
Five Man Electrical Band
Five for Fighting
The Five Satins
Ben Folds Five
Heaven 17
Matchbox Twenty
The B-52s
The Old 97s
Haircut 100
1000 Homo DJs
1910 Fruitgum Company
10,000 Maniacs

Your assistance is appreciated as I stagger toward Friday and the end of the Write-a-thon!


  1. Corncobb says:

    OK, a complete list would take too long (& to paraphrase Jerry, what a long strange trip it would be, if going to ∞), so here is a very short quickie list, all rock -various flavors-, in numeric order 0-10:

    Less Than Zero
    The Only Ones
    2 Tribes
    World War III
    Four Horsemen
    Six By Seven
    7 Seconds
    Nine Inch Nails
    10 Years After


  2. extraspeciald says:

    Ummmmm….We Five, Boyz II Men, 101 Strings, Nine Inch Nails…

  3. Helen Dezendorf says:

    I don’t know about you but I loved your Write-a-thon.

  4. Amon Duul II
    Area Code 615
    Four Seasons
    Temperance Seven
    Ten Years After

    • In the UK football/soccer rivalry – like baseball in the US (Red Sox/Yankees) – often seem to be almost tribal in origin. I was born and grew-up in the North East of London in a branch of the family that followed Arsenal (Highbury) deadly rivals of Spurs (Tottenham) the two main professional football teams. The Dave Clarke Five, in a risposte to the ‘Mersey Beat’ groups of the time, used to be know as the ‘Tottenham Sound’ and as such were never very popular in our household. In those days London was divided into postal districts which can still be seen in the current post(zip) code. Tottenham was N17; N meaning north and 17 because it was 17th in alphabetical order of the northern districts. I lived at that time in Walthamstow which although a virtual neighbouring district was actual grouped in the eastern segment, and because it also began with a letter toward to end of the alphabet it too had a relatively high number.

      All of which leads me to another boy band of the 90s for your list East 17, formed in Walthamstow at I time when I had move to the west of London.

      (In spite of my childhood prejudices, having heard the latter, I’m forced to say the band that could have been called North 17 is more likely to make me feel glad all over)

      • Run-DMSteve says:

        I find the postal district system in the UK fascinating. Even with the modernization of your postal system, to U.S. eyes your addresses still look like something from Dickens or George Eliot. I know I couldn’t tie a U.S. band to a zip code in an interesting way even if you threatened me with a Dave Clark Five retrospective.

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